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The much-anticipated sequel, Montooth 2: Race for the Ryland Ruby, recaptures the spirit of the first book of this blockbuster series. The description, “crossover,” (authored for adults – embraced by teens) bestowed by the inaugural’s reviewers, continues wholeheartedly in the Award Winning Montooth 2.

Fans of the Award Winning prequel, Montooth and the Canfield Witch – ranked #1 on the My Magazine for Girls Teen Book List – will delight in this action-packed second installment of five novels in the Carty Andersson series.

The teen friends in The Crew are back, along with two newcomers and many of the first book’s other favorite characters – at least those who survived the mayhem of the first adventure. 

Montooth 2 begins with Carty Andersson spotting the murderous Cruz Cruz in Havana where he is immersing himself deeply into Cuban pre-Castro politics.  Carty and Elena Rafferty, her Cuban roommate at Sarasota Preparatory Academy, embark on a harrowing pursuit of Cruz with help from an old friend.

Sally, the Canfield Witch from the first book, embraces her new persona and discovers a hidden family history involving a race through the wilds of mid-Nineteenth Century Burma in search of an enormous ruby from one of King Solomon’s fabled mines.

Sally’s treasure in Winter Free, including the priceless Ryland Ruby, is once again at risk – and leads to the discovery of the true character of two individuals from the first book.

As usual, Montooth the alligator and other swamp critters are involved in Robert Jay’s signature fable weaved into the primary story.

The novel develops from 1952 to 1954 when members of The Crew have moved on to high school.  Older readers will again enjoy remembering that era of their youth, and younger readers will marvel at teens surviving without television and cell phones.

Montooth 2: Race for the Ryland Ruby takes readers on an exhilarating journey with international flare.  The characters, old and new, will captivate fans quickly, and readers will relish in the characters’ quest for both adventure and belonging.